Character in the Corpus: Courage

Courageous literature One of the most famous passages of literature, Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy, is, in fact, a reflection on the nature of courage: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Kenny Primrose

Kenny is Character Education Lead at Emmanuel College, Gateshead, where he also teaches religion and philosophy. He is in the third year of the MA Character Education programme and discusses in this blog how he is implementing a strategic approach to character development across the school. Kenny Primrose Like many character educators, I was interested... Continue Reading →

Civic Virtue, Community and the Common Good

Professor Andrew Peterson and Dr. David Civil Jubilee Centre For Character and Virtues That which follows was first written as a position paper, shared with the panel for the Jubilee Centre Public webinar, 'Civic Virtue, Community and The Common Good'. Chaired by Senior Centre Research Fellow, Lord James O’Shaughnessy this session featured Jason Cowley, Editor... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Rebecca Moors

Rebecca Moors I have had the privilege of being an Assistant Headteacher at Woodbrook Vale School in Loughborough for nearly three years. Some of my areas of responsibility include, but are not restricted to, inclusion, attendance, pastoral agenda, personal development and character. I feel extremely fortunate to have the responsibility remit I do, allowing for... Continue Reading →

Character in the Corpus: Empathy

Identifying empathy Empathy is a staple of both moral education and literary studies. It both fits an Aristotelian prescription that links virtue and emotion (Battaly, 2008) and appeals to cognitive appreciations that treat literary texts as peculiarly experiential artefacts. As a result, the literary study of empathy has often drawn on thinking in moral education... Continue Reading →

Character in the Corpus: Justice

Justice and society Aristotle’s discussion of virtue recognises its importance as a shared enterprise between fellows, stating justice “is complete virtue in its fullest sense, because it is the actual exercise of complete virtue. It is complete because he who possesses it can exercise his virtue not only in himself but towards his neighbour also;... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Ben Miller

Ben is Head of Theology and Philosophy at Reading School and a former Research Fellow at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. He completed the Jubilee Centre’s MA Character Education and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Birmingham with a focus on theology and character formation. Reading School Reading School... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: David Church

David Church David Church is an award-winning teacher (Professional Teaching Awards, Cymru) and Head of Religious Studies at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School (MACS), Wales. Character education and social action at MACS has resulted in multiple awards, honours and once in a lifetime experiences for pupils. Character Education and Social Action at MACS As a teacher... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Maureen Spelman

Maureen Spelman currently serves as a Visiting Professor in Educational Leadership and the Coordinator of Character Initiatives at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Supported by the funding of the Kern Family Foundation, Maureen is completing her second year in the Jubilee Centre’s MA Character Education programme. Maureen Spelman, Ed. D. As part of my... Continue Reading →

Character in the Corpus: Corpus and Character

Character Fiction, particularly literary fiction, does not shy away from reflecting on its own practice and purpose. Yet very few texts discuss the character educating possibilities of literature in so upfront a way as Robert Graves’s Goodbye to All That (one of our A-level set texts), which argues that the particularly moral flavour of English... Continue Reading →

Character in the Corpus: Corpus and Virtue

What’s in a corpus? As language is our primary means of social interaction, the way by which we codify morality and the fundamental material of literacy, linguistics offers a useful suite of tools for learning. An instructive approach by which to undertake an examination of literacy is ‘corpus linguistics’. A corpus is essentially a collection... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Erika Elkady

Since 2011, Erika Elkady has been Secondary Head of Jumeira Baccalaureate School (JBS) in Dubai, UAE. JBS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum School which became the first Kitemark School of Character outside the UK in November 2020. Erika is currently in her third year of study on the MA Character Education. In this blog, she discusses... Continue Reading →

What Is Civic Virtue Today?

News outlets over the course of this pandemic have oscillated between being somewhat unforgiving of young people and decrying missed opportunities in relation to their education. There are positive data demonstrating that young people are eager to engage in voluntary work, as well as critical commentaries about students carelessly spreading COVID-19 in university towns and... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Gail Peyton

Gail Peyton is a Regional Director for Primary Education in Birmingham, and a student on the MA Character Education programme. In this blog, Gail discusses how professional development focused on the character of the teacher might support teachers to fulfil their roles as character educators. Gail Peyton I currently work for a large MAT as... Continue Reading →

Character in the Corpus: Article #1

Over the coming months, the ‘Character in the Corpus’ series will take the body of prose fiction set at A-level to investigate how these texts represent virtue along with accompanying classroom resources that provide practical suggestions as to how these texts can be used in virtue literacy. Literature has been a source for numerous character... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Louise Simpson

Image Credit: SG Haywood Photography Louise Simpson is Head of Exeter School and is currently in her second year of study on the MA Character Education. In this blog, Louise discusses Exeter School’s approach to character education. Louise Simpson Recently returned from 6 years of international headship in a large co-educational day school in São... Continue Reading →

A New Poll Reveals Challenges to Moral Character in Present-Day Policing in the UK

As part of the ongoing research project, Virtues in Policing, the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues commissioned a poll of 406 police officers, conducted by Portland Communications in January 2021. The poll reflects current demographics of UK police officers reasonably well, although it is slightly skewed towards female, ethnically diverse, London-based and junior officers.... Continue Reading →

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