Character Educators in Focus: Chris Clyne & Carlington Anderson

This month’s Character Educators in Focus are Chris Clyne, who is Principal at Northampton Academy and Carlington Anderson, who is Director of Character at Northampton Academy. Northampton Academy is a large secondary school including Sixth Form. It was one of the first schools in the country to be awarded the Association for Character Education School... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Maddie Ruppel

Maddie Ruppel is a First Lieutenant in the US Army with a specialty of Military Intelligence. She currently works as the Aide-de-Camp for a senior leader and has also worked as a Battalion Intelligence Officer and an Intelligence Operations Officer. Maddie is entering her second year of studies in the Jubilee Centre's MA Character Education programme... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Assemblies

Covid-19 may have temporarily stopped the traditional, gathered assembly but, encouragingly, many schools have continued to offer ‘assemblies’ online – recognising their centrality to school life and their role in wellbeing and community. Even Oak National Academy, the government’s flagship provider of online lessons, has been broadcasting a weekly, national assembly with some high profile... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Quintin Robinson

Dr. Quintin Robinson is an Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University. In this blog, Dr. Robinson explains how character is relevant to his teaching within the School of Education and Counseling Psychology and how studying on the MA Character Education has influenced this. What is your role at Santa Clara and how is character relevant... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Imani Clough

In this blog, Director and Founder of Imani Academy, Imani Clough, reflects on the MA Character Education and the work of Imani Academy. Imani explains how her studies have helped her to develop the holistic well-being and character of the young people she works with. Why did you decide to study on the MA Character... Continue Reading →

Understanding Impact and Influence: NatCen Report

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues (JCCV) recently commissioned the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) to undertake an independent survey of schools that were ‘subscribed’ to character education. The report (Iyer, Albakari and Smith, 2020) provides evidence that supports the Jubilee Centre notion that prioritising character education in schools supports pupils in their... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Rebecca Daniels

In this blog, elementary school teacher and 1st year MA Character Education student, Rebecca Daniels, reflects on her experiences of character education and explains how she hopes her studies will help to benefit students, the school and the wider community. Rebecca has taught for 8 years at a small, pre-K through 12th grade school in... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Cristy Guleserian

In this blog, 1st year MA Character Education student, Cristy Guleserian, explains the approach to character taken by Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. Cristy discusses her role as Director of Principled Innovation and why she chose to study on the MA Character Education. What is your role at Mary Lou Fulton... Continue Reading →

Character at Home

In the current climate many schools are looking at new and innovative ways to provide online learning or support to their students. When you search the Internet there are many examples of materials for core academic subjects but staff at Northampton Academy secondary school wanted to ensure that their character education programme, which Ofsted had... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Speech and Our Character

On the 5th April 2020, HRH Queen Elizabeth delivered a rare public special address concerning the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the address was watched live by an estimated 24 million viewers in the United Kingdom alone, it has been viewed, heard and read by millions more in the major news outlets around the world. Like... Continue Reading →

Leading Character Education in Schools

An online CPD programme The Jubilee Centre has recently launched the Leading Character Education in Schools online CPD programme. Drawing on and highlighting the work of 8 leading schools, the free CPD programme provides a comprehensive overview of both the theory and practice of character education leadership within primary and secondary school settings. The pilot, conducted... Continue Reading →

Character Educator in Focus: Tom Pole

The MA Character Education is a part-time distance learning programme run by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The Centre is proud to welcome students from around the world who come from a range of sectors, including education (both formal and non-formal), voluntary and business. In this Virtue Insight blog, 3rd year MA Character... Continue Reading →

Virtues, Volunteering and Coronavirus

These are very strange times that we are living in - as I’m sure you have already noticed. It’s easy to feel overcome with anxiety and helplessness at the current situation the coronavirus outbreak has caused. However, there are things that we can all do to help one another, and, through doing so, help ourselves.... Continue Reading →

Character Building During Quarantine

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, on the 20th of March, that all schools were to close for the foreseeable future, many parents and guardians will find themselves in a challenging and unprecedented situation. There are fantastic sources for academic support and ideas for educational activities, with many schools providing materials for their students. However, this... Continue Reading →

A Short Guide to Implementing a Whole-School Approach to Character Education

Why character education? As an NQT, I was admittedly rather naive to the pressures of accountably and external burdens on teachers’ performance and workload. Undeniably, teacher workload is at unprecedented levels, with the recent Department for Education (2019), Teacher Workload Survey showing teachers were working on average 49.5 hours a week. This plants a seed of doubt... Continue Reading →

How does the Religious Education Teachers and Character report contribute to our understanding of RE?

Through an empirical investigation, the recent publication of the Religious Education Teachers and Character report contributes to two ongoing debates in the academic literature surrounding RE. The first of these debates is whether subject material in RE should be morally neutral, and the second is whether RE teachers themselves should strive to be neutral or... Continue Reading →

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