The ‘Virtuous’ Professional: Personal Character Strengths across the Professions

‘Professional people are expected to do the right thing; and they are expected to do the right thing both for individuals – be they clients, customers, patients, pupils, victims of crime or enemy combatants – and for society at large.’ (Jubilee Centre, 2016)   The first stage of the Practical Wisdom and Professional Practice: Integration... Continue Reading →


The Heights and Depths of our Characters

In the ocean off Panama City Beach one beautiful summer day, two boys were screaming. Caught in a rip current, they were quickly being swept out to sea. There was nothing they could do. Their mother heard their cries, and with her other family members dove into the ocean. Soon enough they all were trapped... Continue Reading →

Anger begets Anger: Three Billboards and the Role of Film in Promoting Moral Reflection

!SPOILER ALERT! I recently watched the thought-provoking film, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, a movie that invites the viewer to reflect on classic ‘Western’ themes of justice and redemption, through the eyes of its righteously angry main character, Mildred Hayes. Seven months before the action begins we learn that Mildred’s daughter, Angela, had been raped... Continue Reading →

Is Human Rights the Only Moral Language We Need?

The year-long campaign in the run up to the 70th anniversary of the passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 2018 was launched this January. The Declaration, which proclaims the inalienable rights associated with the status of being a human being, marked a milestone in history and, exceptionally, continues to ensure mass support across a broad political spectrum.

The Character of the Religious Educator

Religious Education teachers should have ‘a tremendous sense of humour and a hide like a rhinoceros’, wrote Bernard R Youngman in 1953. The most successful author of RE textbooks in his day, Youngman was commenting on the qualities RE teachers needed to negotiate the lowly status of RE as a curriculum subject, and the contested... Continue Reading →

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