Character and Sport: a playing field for moral development

Amid a summer of remarkable and compelling professional sporting action, last week, Amanda Spielman, the Ofsted Chief Inspector, called on the government to do more to increase sport provision in schools. This call comes amid concerns across England that sport and physical education are being cut out of the school curriculum, as schools focus budgets... Continue Reading →

Why our cash-hungry national game needs a slice of humble pie

This year has seen some terrific football triumphs as underdogs Leicester won the Premiership and Wales out-performed England at the European Championships. But the last week of September 2016 will go down in English football infamy. Newly-appointed national team manager Sam Allardyce left his “dream job” by mutual consent after only 67 days in post,... Continue Reading →

Tackling Character on the Rugby Field

A recent BBC News article reported that ‘more than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools.’ The rationale behind this call is that the potential long-term damage of head injuries, concussions, and repeated ‘high-impact’ collisions occurring in rugby practices and matches can... Continue Reading →

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